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I most enjoy creating very large drawings or relatively small drawings; both extremes in size offer a similar intimacy that may engulf and reward the patient viewer.  

Presented here are two editions of five small text-based drawings that one may hold with two hands, You and Me. Hopefully, these drawings will never be displayed as framed but savored over time with each subsequent encounter.  

The hand cut-out of the letter Y notes that the following images are from the edition of YOU. The 150 gsm Canson hand made portfolio is secured closed with black and red ribbon.

Lifting the first cover of the 150 gsm, Canson hand made paper portfolio for opening.  


The second cover is lifted open.   

One of the five text-based drawings exposed.   

The paper portfolio closed with the ribbons untied.  

Gently using the loose ribbons, the portfolio is lifted out.  

The secret Alpaca/wool-covered panel is exposed, revealing a pull tab.   

With a firm tug and then a gentle pull upwards, the Alpaca/wool-covered panel is open.   

Revealing a secret space for personal letters, notes, or cards. Note possibly hurtful screws protruding through the secret space floor.  


The opposite side of the Alpaca/wool-covered panel exposes the following inscribed in brown ink; LOVE HURTS.  

The serial number of each box is stamped on the three loose objects that make up the box. Here it is stamped into the lower left-hand corner of the paper side of the Alpaca/wool-covered panel.  

Here the serial number is on the inside of the box top.  

And here on the bottom of the box.  

The top and bottom of the box.  

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